Welcome to My Kitchen

Today’s world is so much different than when I grew up. We’re busy, we eat because we need to, and restaurants are too focused on turning tables and quick service. You won’t find that at Corrado’s, my customers are my family, and lots of my products are made from scratch daily.

I was born and raised in the southeast coastal region of Puglia (Italy) on my family’s vineyard and olive grove. I started working on the farm at a very young age, helping with the vineyards, learning how to preserve our fresh tomatoes and vegetables, learning family recipes and making pasta and sauces from scratch. My uncles were fishermen and taught me about all the flavors of the sea. I discovered my passion for food at an early age, as well as my appreciation for fresh ingredients, flavor, and family dining.

I was formally trained at Molfetta IPSSAR, a well-known restaurant management school in Italy and immigrated to the United States in 1985. I have managed prestigious restaurants such as Palio in New York City,, as well as owned several restaurants on the east coast and in Europe before coming to Cave Creek.

My passion for food, wine, and client camaraderie is unsurpassed, which is probably the reasons why I have been so successful.  All our food is made using fresh ingredients and traditional Italian recipes and techniques. And I strive for impeccable service.

Food is meant to cause joy and excitement. When you come to Corrado’s, I want you to be relaxed; sit with your family, friends, and colleagues and take your time to experience the true essence of enjoyable dining through exceptional service and the tastes of Italy.